Happy Holidays!!!

Limited edition handmade holiday cards inspired by my trip to Key West. We went to a restaurant called Blue Heaven and this man was walking around with this key lime pie made with meringue piled so high, it looked like some thing out of a Tim Burton film. Happy holidays every one! These cards were made from scraps of recycled paper I had around, resume paper, my trusty Epson InkJet Printer and MaryKay Velocity Powdered eyeshadow for that extra shimmer!

Motion Graphics Demo Reel 2009

I just got around to posting my 2009 demo reel on YouTube. I need to do a little work on the Audio for this video on Youtube. So for the moment there is no audio for this post. I am working to change that! However, you can also see the demo reel with audio on my web site www.hmacdo.com

I've been working on an illustration for an concept I got while visiting Key West this past fall on vacation. It was a gorgeous trip and the weather was warm and tropical for late October. Scott convinced me that renting a scooter would the best way to travel around the island. I was skeptical at first and freaked out a little bit, but soon learned to enjoy the ride. It was a great way to get around. Anyway, this illustration comes from a very rough sketch that I did in my sketch book and is part of a series I am working on, all surrounding that trip.

For Scott

This is for Scott, it's a very quick ink drawing I found in my sketch book of his dog Reggie. I know that he (Scott) is having a hard time this week.

Creepy Movie Social Club

Just playing around, but some friends of mine and I got sick of asking each other if they had seen this creepy movie or that creepy movie and hearing, "oh my god! That was soooo creepy!". We wanted to talk about these movies sooo bad, but didn't want to ruin it for the other one. Finally we decided that we should start a "movie club" so that we can decide on a scary movie to watch over the coming months and meet to discuss all the gory details over a hot meal. I made this little logo sketch for our club and to use on our FB group. Our first movie discussion will be "Shutter" the original Thai version. Soooo creepy!

Halloween fun

Just getting into the spirit of the season a few weeks ago over Halloween weekend. I started to doodle this little pumpkin patch with acorns and rats. Then soon after, carved my very own little jack-o-lantern. What fun! I was able to make six loaves of pumpkin bread outta that little sucker! Art is what you make of your every day life...

...and a few more things I've been working on

More Graphic Design projects for Bond

Above is a design I worked on for a water bottle used as a promotional device for Bond Edit. Below was another design concept I was working on for a DVD menu using Photoshop, Illustrator and C4D.

Getting used to Blogging

Ok let's try this again... Here is a smaller .mov of a motion graphics diddy I put together for their Motion Graphics Reel intro

Better late than never...

I started a blog today in an effort to record my creative ideas and as a sort of artistic dump where I can quickly collect and record my animation, illustration and design projects that I develop independently and professionally over time.

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