My Dream Wedding Series: Constructing Motion Graphics with Geobeats

screen shot: Intro animation title plate

In their newest video series, Geobeats explores destination spots for happy honey-mooners and wedding planners alike. Through out this series, you will find information about rare and romantic locations plus tips on how to pull off your perfect wedding gown. Just in time for Spring/Summer wedding season 2011, the motion graphics package for Geobeat's My Dream Wedding Series came together using original illustrated elements, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and AfterEffects. All motion design by hmacdo studio, Spring 2011.

screen shot: Lower-third treatment

screen shot: Lower-third treatment variation

screen shot: Credit endplate

Inspirational Businesses Series: Constructing Motion Graphics for Geobeats

Screenshot: intro graphics

Part of the new exciting Inspirational Businesses Series by Geobeats. Motion Design by hmacdostudio. All motion elements and content created using the Adobe Suite, especially Adobe AfterEffects! Designer Erica Lurie talks about her adorable clothing line and Garnish Apparelshop (also freaking out about her awesome web site!) in Portland, Oregon. For another awesome Geobeats Inspirational Business story, visit the Geobeats YouTube channel and learn all about Dave's Killer Breads. Do it!

Screenshot: intro graphics

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