St. Patrick's Day Orchid

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx for their annual Orchid show!

Women's Fitness: Constructing Motion Graphics for Geobeats

Screen shot: Intro graphics for chosen branding concept

This week's motion graphics work for Geobeats surrounds the branding of the Women's Fitness series. After submitting 3 potential designs, the chosen concept for this graphics package makes use of many nested (pre-comped) layers and square-shaped masks in AfterEffect. Some use of stock photo images were also incorporated to help depict a mood of both femininity and strength.

Screen shot: Lower-third motion treatment

Creating the Women's Fitness lower-third motion began by using graphic elements from the intro but re-appropriated in AfterEffects using the alpha brush tool to create the effect of each outline animating on screen and off again to display the instructors name and affiliation.

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