Women's Fitness: Constructing Motion Graphics for Geobeats

Screen shot: Intro graphics for chosen branding concept

This week's motion graphics work for Geobeats surrounds the branding of the Women's Fitness series. After submitting 3 potential designs, the chosen concept for this graphics package makes use of many nested (pre-comped) layers and square-shaped masks in AfterEffect. Some use of stock photo images were also incorporated to help depict a mood of both femininity and strength.

Screen shot: Lower-third motion treatment

Creating the Women's Fitness lower-third motion began by using graphic elements from the intro but re-appropriated in AfterEffects using the alpha brush tool to create the effect of each outline animating on screen and off again to display the instructors name and affiliation.

Screen shot: Intro graphics Series Title Reveal

Screen shot: Transition graphic

Transition graphics are the last piece of the graphics package puzzle and often a critical asset in creating short-format videos. They act as a quick pause from one thought to the next, helping the audience quickly move along, strengthening the story and branding the overall look of the video series. It's the cherry on top of the sundae! Once again, for the Women's Fitness series I'm using my original rounded square graphics in AfterEffects and taking care to turn on motion blur in the AFX layers panel.

The YouTube video displayed here shows how the motion graphics are working with the video series. There are more videos from the Women's Fitness Series and other short-format videos with motion graphics designed by the hmacdo studio on the Geobeats YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

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