I heart Reggie: The Mini Valentines are done!

There she is!!! Look at that face! The "Reggie" Mini Valentines are finally done and available to buy on Etsy! Here's the link to my shop: www.etsy.com/shop/hmacdo

There are 4 different colors with custom handmade envelopes to go with each card and heart details on the inside. I made the envelopes from scratch, changed the design slightly on the card to include more hearts around Reggie and decided to print my logo with a little "love note" on the back. These cards would make an excellent addition to any valentine gift that you are giving to your sweet heart this year with that bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. The card and envelope are made with fine watercolor and handmade papers. Each one has a red satin ribbon accent and brushed with glitter. Happy Valentine's Day!
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