For the love of WordPress!

I'm probably a little late to the party on this one, but look out blogspot...I just fell in love with WordPress! A few months back Genevieve Gorder of the HGTV series Design Star and Dear Genevieve contacted me about creating a unique travel site for her own design firm GG Studio. Ever the progressive media talent, Genevieve was searching for a way to reach and interact with her audience through other mediums in addition to television. Along came WordPress. From a web design and developer prospective Wordpress gave us every thing we needed. A snap to install, it allows for the flexibility and full control over design and layout with all the ability to build a dynamic site that will let visitors share and interact with Gen in a way that she could not do through television alone. What I enjoy about Wordpress is that you can customize every little thing. You can choose a theme that some one else has already developed or if you're more comfortable with CSS and PHP (as I am) you can build your very own theme from scratch based on the whims of your client. Then, you create your pages and "widget ready" areas allowing dynamic buttons (widgets) and plugins, to further increase functionality to the site. Now my client has a brand new web site that not only looks exactly the way she wants but will never stay static as one pretty page. It is now a vehicle, a fully functional tool that she can use to express herself, hear from her audience and continue to build relationships with on a new level.

This month Genevieve and her awesome assistant designer Jessica are traveling to Norway to explore the roots of her family heritage and gather new design inspiration. To read more go to:
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