World's Most Unusual Hotels: Constructing Motion Graphics with GeoBeats

Over these past few months, I've been working on design and motion graphics for a new travel and lifestyle client. I hope December and January are a good indication of the year to come but I need some time to post all the fun new projects I've been working on! That said, starting this February, I want to start anew with a series of blog posts based on my experience designing and animating motion graphics packages for GeoBeats. Each week, I will feature one new series on graphics and design topics ranging from Unusual Travel Spots, bizarre sightings, tackling foreign languages and Exotic Cocktails! You can also browse their extensive collection of short-format video series on the GeoBeats YouTube channel

This week's featured Series The World's Most Unusual..., showcases interesting places to visit and unique hotel concepts from around the world.

For all you book worm, romance novel lovers... A Library Hotel in New York City!
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