Expert Series: Constructing Motion Graphics with GeoBeats

Screenshot: Graphics Intro (2-3 seconds)

Screenshot: Lower-thirds treatment

Screenshot: Interior graphics treatment. Learn to speak German!!!

This week's featured Motion Graphics work is for the Geobeat's Expert Series on every thing travel related including, tips on how to protect your home while traveling, energy conservation and the most fun of all tips on how to ask for the most basic things in German while traveling.

In this YouTube video host Justin Cave talks about preparing your home before you travel with energy saving tips.

The concept for this project was to create a series of graphical elements that helped to brand this Series of tips from a variety of expert hosts as one recognizable entity, but also to create graphics that help present the information in a concise and interesting way that can be absorbed easily in short format. You can browse their extensive collection of short-format video series on the GeoBeats YouTube channel

AfterEffects was the primary tool used for this Series with one of my favorite tools, the Trapcode 3D stroke plugin from Red Giant.
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