Healing & Helping: Card Design for Tutoring & Massage Therapy

Fresh off the press this winter! Business card design and logo for my dear Aunt Carol. In celebration of getting her Massage Therapy Certification from the Cortiva Institute in Boston, Carol hired me to design her first set of business cards and logo. Most graphic designers get to create a business card or two at some point in their creative careers. I love business cards. Simple pieces of information you can hold in your hand and give away! These cards are printed on my trusty Epson Inkjet, hand cut, on high quality Arches 90 lb watercolor paper giving them a wonderful organic texture. The ink absorbs wonderfully on this high quality paper

Coincidentally, around the same time I also put together business cards for my Mom's growing Tutoring business. Long since retired from her days as school teacher in Virginia, she still has many families hire her independently to help their children sharpen reading and math skills. This Entrepreneurial spirit must run in the family!
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